LandscapingPastures,Rocks & Trees is a premier landscape design service in Hammond, LA that offers professional field sculpting, hard sculpting, wood sculpting, and more in Hammond, LA and the surrounding areas!

Let the professionals at Pastures,Rocks & Trees in Hammond, LA take care of all your custom landscape design and field sculpting needs. We strive to work promptly and keep a clean work area. Our full list of services includes:

Services Offered to Landowners, gardeners, and Small Farmers & Ranchers

FIELD-SCULPTING pastures and fields

  • Mow grass & brush with 6’ flail mower, an 8’ rotary mower, and smaller mowers.
  • Cultivate with disk (“bog” or “chopper”) harrow and/or chain harrow.
  • Break sub-surface compaction to 22” depth with a sub-soiler for improved drainage, root penetration, and healthier soils.
  • Rototill in either 3’ or 8’ swaths for gardens and crops.
  • Power-rake surfaces to remove all unwanted debris before planting.
  • Plant seeds of all sizes with a drill seeder to 3” minimum spacing for thorough coverage and positive soil-to-seed contact for high germination success.
  • Aerate sub-surface horizontally to an 8” depth without destroying the existing ground cover.
  • Culti-pack sprigged grass and similar materials into prepared dirt surfaces.
  • Re-shape contours and grade large areas with a bulldozer and/or a 10’ land-plane combined with a dual-slope laser.
  • Drain pastures & fields instantly with a sub-surface “mole ball” and with pumps.
  • Install sub-surface drainage systems.
  • Shape berms, shoulders of paths, field roads, and drainage ditches.
  • Remove stumps and other large items.
  • Spread pelletized fertilizers, top-dressings, and non-pelletized coverings such as manure and organic mulch onto large areas.
  • Re-claim fence and property lines from the ever encroaching “jungle.”

HARD-SCULPTING with non-organics

  • Install paths, patios, roads, fences, gates, benches, and artistic focal points.
  • Design & Construct retaining walls, rock walls, arbors, trellises, raised planting beds, outdoor fireplaces, decks, gazebos and small buildings.
  • Dig and install ponds.

WOODS-SCULPTING trees, shrubs and glades

  • Prune trees and shrubs of deadwood, damaged branches, and competing growth without climbing on them.
  • Remove, process, and recycle complete trees without damaging the forest floor.
  • Grind stumps.
  • Clean-out unwanted, under-storied growth.
  • Transplant small trees and shrubs.
  • Transport material over difficult terrains and through narrow openings.
  • Grind all organic wastes into valuable mulch and/or compost for immediate recycling. No need to burn and to waste valuable nutrients, natural fertilizers, and expensive labor & time.

Contact John for an initial, free, on-site visitation and consultation. Written project proposals and/or contracts are available for a deposit.